mrmojorisin 12.5.2018 02:26
    describing that is very challenging to me
    because the moment we're in is also symbolising death to me.
    every second every moment they are dying! and we just
    we just have no chance to keep them alive
    save them and give a chance
    no ı'm sorry.

    but wait
    isn't it like the wars?
    or just dying?
    somewhere in our planet have a fight as always.
    differents happening in different places in the world. both life and death. they are living independently and separately.
    someone's dying meanwhile someone's birth.
    anyway it seems like ı'm going through but far away from the title.

    what do you say for longing? it is hard right,isn't it?
    but the time we're missing and longing
    seriously, what can ı say about the time
    ı was missing my mum if ı haven't see her about 30 minutes. just a little boy ı was.
    so even a former little boy can misses his mum,why can't ı ?
    what ı've been lost in the periods of growing?
    ı don't know really...
    but only thing ı know is past and future.
    past ı saw was the missing part of somebodies' lives.
    maybe mine maybe not
    but we all longing unless the future get rid of his blur.
    ı think ı'm done right now. should've kept short.