let's discuss the best way to improve the fluency of a new language

    sultansencer 22.3.2018 17:51
    i want to start a discussion about how we can improve our fluency in another language. let me start with an opinion: i think the most important thing after you have learned some basic words is trying to create sentences with those words you have learned. of course you will make mistakes in the beginning but after you get used to it, even you will start to get surprised how your fluency is improving. look, im not an expert and im sure im making some grammar mistakes too right now but i think another important thing you need to know is, language courses are just waste of money. if you want to speak fluently, you have to talk with someone who is not a native speaker. don't mind the mistakes just talk comfortably.
    what are your opinions on this matter?
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    tazekan 22.3.2018 17:55
    now, should i believe that you didnt look to google translate even once while writing this text?
    sultansencer 22.3.2018 17:57
    believe it or not, i didn't open the google translate even once :)
    pandababy 22.3.2018 18:02
    my 6th grade nephew is better than google translate, fucc it
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    sultansencer 22.3.2018 18:05
    forget the google translate now. can we focus on the main discussion please? :)
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    dreamfloyd 22.3.2018 18:26
    one day you should learn how capital letters are written
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    mavimetilfetamin 26.9.2018 17:11
    yes, you are right dear puvo :) ı think the fluency comes with just talking and listening exercises. ı have so many foreigner friends. its my advice you to talk foreigners. don't afraid to do some mistakes, nobody speak with absolute accurate :) you have accessibility of so many social networks, so go ahead :)