athenaa 23.1.2020 23:38
    hi guys. ı know that you gonna say " why she is writing in english?" cuz ı am looking for somebody just texting in english for making my english better and with writing like this u can see how is my english and where ı am. so if you say that "there are too many applications for this why are u calling here?" cuz ı am not trusting them all to meeting new people. so will you gonna help me? :))
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    monteyn 24.1.2020 10:58
    ı've used that kind of applications like billion times and ı can assure that there's nothing wrong with them. ı know sometimes it may be boring to meet new people but you don't have to know each other very well. just talk about anything that you both interested. here or there, all social media and they are harmful only if you let them to be. also it's always better to practice with native speakers. ı hope you get better day by day. good luck!
    athenaa 24.1.2020 14:36
    thanks for your opinions there are so important for me. ı am gonna try them. are there any application you like?
    monteyn 24.1.2020 14:59
    anytime puvom :)
    ı tried lots of applications like ı said, but ı guess bottled is the best one. you write letters, send them and it goes a random person on the world. ı found a friend from there and we took each others numbers we have been talking for almost 2 years..
    athenaa 24.1.2020 16:23
    ıt sounds so sweet ı am gonna try it thanks
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    mein_diana 24.1.2020 11:12
    ı understand that text and nearly %95 and ı learn my englisg is developed but ı dont know that mean"aplications"
    what mean that?
    athenaa 24.1.2020 14:33
    uygulama puvom
    mein_diana 24.1.2020 18:01
    athenaa 24.1.2020 19:10
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    kayipunicorn 24.1.2020 19:11
    benim ingilicce de legendarydir yani
    athenaa 24.1.2020 20:31
    cok tatlisin kız 😅 belli belli
    kayipunicorn 24.1.2020 22:20
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    kayipunicorn 20.3.2020 11:44
    ay sen kız mıydın ben seni erkek sanıyorum skfkdkf o değil de okuduğumu anlıyorum ama yazarken kendime çok güvenmiyorum o yüzden ingiliccem legendarydir yani ;))
    athenaa 20.3.2020 11:45
    😅 bilsem boyle bildigini daha onceden soylerdim kızım diye sapık gibi gorunmusum 😅😅😅
    kayipunicorn 20.3.2020 11:46